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Jazzed for Justice Featuring Shirley Johnson

"Shirley is an accomplished accordionist and vocalist specializing in European Folk Music. Shirley skillfully performs a wide selection of Balkan, French, Slavic, German, Italian, Polka, as well as other International and American folk music. A fun, lively, and personable entertainer with a lyric voice and a sparkling accordion!"

Shirley Johnson has selected the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association as the charity of her choice.  

     For this concert, the artist has selected the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association as their charity. Clean groundwater, available in sufficient quantities to sustain the entire ecosystem, is essential to Wimberley Valley’s ongoing cultural and commercial prosperity.
     The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association’s mission was developed to ensure communities are aware of their connection and responsibilities to the watershed and are supported in implementing water policies that will ensure water quality and availability for future generations.  To achieve this mission, WVWA will: advocate for clean, clear flowing springs and streams and the sustained health of the Wimberley Valley, and engage the community in land and water stewardship through research and education."