What is a watershed?

Everyone in the world lives in a watershed. A watershed is an area of land that collects all the water within a specific area and drains into the same location or body of water. Our economy and our society all depend on a healthy watershed.

Cypress Creek Watershed

Located in Hays County and the Hill Country of central Texas, the Cypress Creek watershed is a significant tributary to the Blanco River. It has rugged terrain, narrow canyons, and springs that dominate the landscape.It's groundwater is largely used for residential and commercial water supplies in the area. Cypress Creek is home to a diversity in species, including fishes, water fowl, reptiles and amphibians, mammals, and insects. 

Why it is important

Hays County is projected to grow by approximately 300% in the coming years. This is an important consideration for all future natural resources management, particularly water. Cypress Creek’s natural beauty is a major factor for the economy and population growth in the area. Weighing the needs of the community - to ensure sufficient quantity and quality for daily consumptive use and for the aesthetic, economic, and ecological value – is and will continue to be a challenge to community leaders in the future.

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