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Water quality in streams can directly affect water quality in the aquifer because of rapid recharge through karst features, such as fractures and sinkholes in streambeds. The reverse is also true where springs contribute to river flows. The health of the creek is highly dependent on maintaining adequate spring flows, making recharge and groundwater management in the larger region critical to maintaining a healthy system in Cypress Creek. 

By means of water, we give life to everything.
— Koran

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EPA Releases Sampling Guidance for Unknown Contaminants in Drinking Water

Find out how to analyze a sample for an unknown contaminant.

Payment for Ecosystem Services

This primer is designed to provide you with a solid understanding of what Payments for Ecosystem Service (PES) are and how PES deals work. It is intended for an audience interested in exploring the potential of PES — either as prospective PES sellers themselves or as staff of organizations that work directly with communities or landowners who may be interested in PES.


Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Strategic Research Action Plan 2016-2019

By: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA’s Safe and Sustainable Water Resources research program provides the science and innovative technologies that the Agency and the nation need to maintain drinking water resources and systems, as well as to protect the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the nation’s waters. It uses an integrated, systems approach to support the availability of the clean, adequate, and equitable water supplies necessary for human well-being and resilient aquatic ecosystems.

EPA Updates Human Health Benchmarks for Pesticides in Drinking Water

By: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  |  January 2017

EPA has developed human health benchmarks for approximately 394 pesticides to help states, tribes and water systems better understand whether pesticides they may detect in drinking water or sources of drinking water may present a public health risk.


sampling and Analysis Resources for water contamination

By: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  |  January 2017

EPA Releases Guidance for Sampling and Field Testing During Water Contamination Incidents


EPA Releases Sampling Guidance for Unknown Contaminants in Drinking Water

By: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The guidance covers the collection, storage, preservation and transport of potentially contaminated water samples and provides recommendations for better supporting the detection and identification of many types of contaminants in drinking water.

Maps and Diagrams

Texas Stream Team Water Quality Data

Review retrieve detailed water quality information collected by volunteer monitors for the State of Texas. Zoom in to access water quality data for Cypress Creek.


"Water is powerful. It can be beautiful and brutal, cleansing and contaminates, lethal and life-giving. Water is essential to life, yet 748 million people in the world still struggle to find it.

It's time to take notice"

"While water covers 71 % of the earth’s surface, less than 1 % of that is accessible fresh water. We must protect our limited fresh water supplies from harmful contaminants. Non-point source pollution is the biggest threat to water quality today, meaning that many small actions build into a big problem."


"Almost a billion people live without clean drinking water. We call this the water crisis. It's a crisis because it only starts with water- but water effects everything in life."

"Water is a precious, yet finite resource essential for live, with no adequate substitutes. Supplying and allocating water of adequate quality and in sufficient quantity is one of the major challenges facing society today." 

Take a journey through the unusual world that exists beneath a streambed. Called the hyporheic zone, this world of microscopic flora and fauna is vital to the health of rivers around the world. Find out why, and see the slime on streambed pebbles come to life! Meet for the first time the colorful and unknown world of the Hyporheic Zone and why it is important.

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Water On-the-Go



"A handy new web app makes getting critical water data in a snap, no matter how bad or good the weather- and it might even save your life. The web app uses your location to pinpoint and display data about nearest waterways like corresponding stream information and flow rates.