Wimberley Water Advisory Group- 2017 Water Testing Results

Data below shows E. coli per 100 mL.

Site Name04/5/1705/8/1706/7/1707/5/1708/14/17
Cypress Creek at Jacob's Well Road17230276119345
Cypress Creek at Woodcreek3012432638
Cypress Creek at North RR 1215333744049
Cypress Creek at Blue Hole4834335541
Cypress Creek Below Bridge at Square128115236411687
Blanco River at Paradise Valley7813355112133
Blanco River at Bridge on South RR 12756856178115
Blanco River at Cypress Creek69444510520
Blanco River at 7A Ranch29112970326219
Blanco River at River Meadows5610581077

Map above shows site locations. Click to enlarge

*If e-coli counts are high (over 394 colonies per 100 ml of water sample) in the river or creek, there is a greater chance pathogenic organisms are present.

They test the Monday after market days, which should be considered when comparing data sets.