Photo: Andy Heatwole

Recently Installed BMPs


In 2018, the Cypress Creek Project team installed the above 30,000 gallon metal cistern at Wimberley Valley Watershed Association (WVWA). The cistern is collecting water off of a 3,400 square foot roof, which allows for the harvesting potential to be approximately 55,000 gallons annually. The rainwater harvested will be used to run the WVWA headquarters on a completely potable system.


BMPs from Jacobs Well Center for Engaged Ecology Master Plan

The WVWA hosts a sixteen acre site called Jacob’s Well Center for Engaged Ecology, which demonstrates the principles of regenerative living and inspires environmental stewardship by connecting people to the natural environment. In addition to providing a venue for environmental and regenerative living events and workshops, the Center will be a demonstration site for rainwater harvesting, water treatment and reuse systems for onsite bathroom facilities, and additional low impact camping structures, as well as swales and gabions for overland flow and karst feature protection, and a demonstration green roof. The site will be used for public tours, as a training facility for rainwater collection design and installation, and as an educational site for school, university, and experiential learning programs.