Photo: Robert Thigpen 

Recently Installed BMPs


In 2018, the Cypress Creek Project team installed the above 3,453 gallon metal cistern at Blue Hole Regional Park. The cistern is collecting water off of a 2,200 square foot roof, which allows for the harvesting potential to be approximately 35,000 gallons annually. The rainwater harvested from this cistern is being used for the toilets at the parks pavilion. The other three pictures are of permeable pavers that were also installed at Blue Hole. These pavers replaced part of the crushed granite trails, which were extremely susceptible to being washed out during rain events, as well as a few ADA parking spots. Permeable pavers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they will also require less maintenance and upkeep after runoff events.

Other Wimberley BMPs

Water Quality Protection Ordinance
The City of Wimberley’s Water Quality Protection Ordinance already has protections in place, including impervious cover limits. The City is open to enhancing the ordinance to include metrics to quantify pollution mitigation. This will not include new ordinances or regulations; rather it will be a planning tool for decision makers to use when managing urbanization in the watershed.

Stormwater Assessment
Stormwater assessment for the City of Wimberley. The results of this assessment will be used to site BMPs in the interim period and to help site BMPs carried out under Adaptive Management. Stakeholder have expressed concerns about a bat colony under the Ranch Road 12 bridge in downtown Wimberley and 2 storm water drains that flow directly into Cypress Creek during storm conditions. The goal of the storm water assessment is to determine alternative flow routes and identify mitigation measures.

Rain Gardens – Community Center
Demonstration rain gardens at Wimberley Community Center. This site is ideal to highlight the benefits of rain gardens while demonstrating the effectiveness of mitigating stormflows and pollution.


Rain Gardens – Brookshire Bros. parking lot
The Stakeholder Committee has identified the parking lot for the Brookshire Bros. Grocery Store as an ideal candidate for rain gardens to mitigate runoff from the parking lot because of the size of the parking lot and proximity to Cypress Creek. This site is adjacent to the Community Center site above. A strategy to have these sites work together could result from the stormwater assessment.

Blue Hole – Sustainable SITE, BMP maintenance
Blue Hole has received certification as a sustainable site from the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES). Water Quality BMPs on site will require maintenance and monitoring.

Rainwater Harvesting – Community Center
The Wimberley Community Center is an ideal location to demonstrate the benefits of a rain water harvesting system/strategy because of its close proximity to Cypress Creek. Rainwater harvesting at this site will also mitigate nitrogen and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in runoff from the building and parking lot.


Wimberley Comprehensive Plan
This comprehensive plan is a long-range planning tool to guide the City government in meeting the expectations of residents, business owners and visitors over the next 20 years. By and large the goals laid out in the plan are to maintain the small town atmosphere of Wimberley and maintain its natural scenic beauty, while allowing for growth. To accomplish this, they are using zoning and new building requirements to prevent overly commercial or unsightly growth. Some methods include preventing construction on hills and ridgelines and the creation of zoning districts, making sure the entire city is zoned according to their desired outcome. In the past their zoning has been somewhat irregular leading to small scale commercial construction and residential areas in a somewhat mosaic fashion and may be further utilized by the city to further discourage large commercial development and to maintain the historical feel of the city.

Wastewater Treatment Plant (Solutions) 

The City of Wimberley is formally reviewing options for increasing wastewater processing, including a wastewater treatment plant, decentralized approaches, as well as both public and private management options. The city hosted a Wastewater Stakeholder Committee to review and assess three types of possible collections systems, including feasibility and cost projections. Please see the City’s website for information and documents related to the second round of planning. As the city moves forward with any required water quality sampling, engineering reviews or feasibility studies and other related activities, the WPP Executive Stakeholder Committee will track progress and coordinate efforts with the City. 

Demonstration BMP at commercial site in Wimberley
A commercial lot in Wimberley is a candidate for implementing a demonstration BMP. Ace Hardware and/or Brookshire Bros parking lots ideal due to their visibility in a high traffic area and require stormwater management to prevent run off into Cypress Creek. BMPs include rain gardens, vegetative filter strips, pervious cover and others.


Pervious Sidewalks
Pervious sidewalks can be implemented along Old Kyle road and Oak Drive.


Nature Trail Signage
Signage at Nature Trail Park. Refer to Education and Outreach section.

BMP – Old Kyle road
Potential site for demonstration BMPS in “pocket park” includes, rain gardens, rainwater harvesting, nativescaping, xeriscaping, swales, mulching, pervious pathways and sidewalks.


Wimberley ISD OneWater School

One Water  is a water planning and management approach that rethinks how water moves through and is used in a community; it brings stakeholders like developers, community leaders, urban planners, water managers and engineers together with the goal of utilizing water as thoughtfully and efficiently as possible.

The school’s One Water design acknowledges the importance of protecting Wimberley’s sensitive water resources, such as Jacob’s Well, Blue Hole and the Trinity Aquifer, by promoting and managing all the water as a single resource that is sustainable and reusable.

Rainwater Harvesting at Nature Trail Park
Structure at Nature Trail Park is ideal for rain water harvesting.